This time last year…

At this very moment I would be somewhere back stage in the Cawthra Park Auditorium.

Yesterday I would of been signed out for the last two periods to set up the aud for todays dress rehearsal. I would of gotten pissed at the head for becoming uber stressed but gotten over it within minutes, thanks to the jokes guys. After setting up I would of had a Senior concert band rehearsal till 4:30 followed by a Senior Wind rehearsal until 6. I would’ve gone home and not touched any homework being exhausted already and saving energy for today.

Today I would’ve gotten to school early and be in the aud at 7:30. I would then spend the rest of my day in the aud, unofficially co-running stage crew. My day would consist of counting numbers, giving orders, making charts and writing my monologue with the help of the lovely Sara C. (which I would later get a 98 on) I would also have both my clarinet and alto clarinet backstage where I would warm up 2 mins before going on for my time slot. I would goof off with the guys, get yelled at by the teachers for things out of my control and actually be enjoying myself within one of the most stressful times at school. I would be at school until about 4:30 re-organizing everything for the show go out to grab a bite to eat, only to had back to the school. Get changed, help out the music council aka steven fill up ice water buckets and get soaked, as well as make sure everything was order. Before I knew it I would be running my second last-3 hour, ‘Tis the Season concert. I would get home around 10:30.

Tomorrow I would be doing the show all over again.

I miss this life so much.